court sentenced a person to imprisonment for rape attempt on minor girl


Santanu Ghosh and Biswadeep Nandy

Balurghat, September 23 –– A court in Balurghat has found a person guilty in charges of alleged attempt of rape of a minor girl under sections 341 and 354 of the IPC . The court has sentenced the accused  namely Saidur Mia   in the case of rape attempt  by forcing a minor girl to a jute field.

On Friday, Public Prosecutor of Balurghat District Court Ritabrata Chakraborty said ,”a woman from Tapan had complained that Saidur Mian, the accused had tried to drag her minor girl with the intention of rape to a nearby jute field at Tapan. The accused has been found guilty and the learned court  under section 341, ordered a fine of 500 rupees and 7 days’ imprisonment and under section 354, 2 years’  of rigorous imprisonment with a fine of 2 thousand rupees and 2 months’ imprisonment in default. It is reported that a woman complained about the incident at Tapan police station on July 27, 2008. In that case, the trial was held in the Special District Sessions Court where Ananta Kumar Singha Mahapatra, the learned judge has sentenced him today.”

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