Journalists’ club with philanthropic approach


by Santanu Ghosh &Biswadip Nandy

Balurghat, 26 September :Journalists are the fourth pillar of society. Journalists highlight different aspects of society as a mirror of society. While reporting the news, the news of helpless people often comes up in the eyes of the journalists.

This time the Dakshin Dinajpur Journalists’ Club is eager to put a smile on the faces of these helpless people. Members of the Dakshin Dinajpur Journalist Club participated in the celebration with the marginalized people of Radhanagar village of Balurghat block of Dakshin Dinajpur on Monday through a programme. On this day, in the presence of the District Magistrate of the district, some gifts were handed over to the marginalized people by the Dakshin Dinajpur Journalist Club ahead of Bengal’s greatest carnival . Residents of Radhanagar area have applauded this initiative of Dakshin Dinajpur Journalists’ Club to not only work as a mirror of the society but also to put a smile on the face of the marginalized people as a partner of the society.

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