Sarad Samman 2022 travels from Dakshin Dinajpur to Dinajpur in Bangladesh


By Santanu Ghosh and Biswadip Nandy

Sarad Samman 2022 being conferred upon the representative of Basuniapatty Durgapuja Committee of Bangladesh

Balurghat, 19 November :This year’s Sharad Samman from Balurghat travels to Bangladesh as the prestigious honour has been conferred upon the organizer of a Durgapuja in Bangladesh.
On Friday evening, the Sarad Samman 2022 was handed over to the Basuniapatty Sarbojanin Durgapuja Committee of Dinajpur district Bangladesh on behalf of the Dakshin Dinajpur Journalists’ Club at a gorgeous evening held in Balurghat.
District Magistrate Bijin Krishna along with dignitaries like Ashok Mitra, chairman of Balurghat municipality, recipient of Bangaratna Biswanath Laha and others were present at the ceremony.
This year’s Sarad Samman was given to Biplabi Sangha of Hili, Gangarampur Football club and Uutamasha club of Balurghat along with Basuniapatty Durgapuja.
On this occasion Dipanwita samman 2022 was conferred upon College Square club of Balurghat, Taruner Ahban of Gangarampur by the club for kalipuja performance .
The prestigious Ekak Samman was conferred upon Naba kumar Das, Rikta Barman and Sarbik Chakraborty (Tan) for their outstanding contributions to the society.
Naba Kumar Das is a noted academic personality while Sarbik Chakraborty is a young artist known for his generosity and job creating capacity for the youths of this district.Rikta Barman is a poor fighting mother whose fight in society has inspired his son to rank within the top ten performers oh higher secondary examination of this year.
Anup Sanyal, secretary of the club said, “we organnize such programme every year to honour different personalities and puja organizers of the district. Honouring a puja organizer of Bangladesh was this year’s special “.

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