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yoga training being held
At the Buramakali temple premises

Balurghat, 27 July :Yoga Sadhana is one of the ways to build a healthy body, a beautiful society and a developed nation and country. Regular practice of Pranayama and Yoga in the midst of daily business not only improves physical and mental well-being, but also makes oneself profitable as a Yoga Pranayama instructor.
Pranayama and yoga practitioners of Balurghat are finding ways to earn while keeping themselves healthy and free from diseases and thus improving the environment and the country. In this regard,  a yoga teacher-training camp with young and old people every morning from 5:15 to 7:30 am is being held in Buramakali premises of the city. More than 80 men and women between the ages of eighteen and sixty five participated in this camp.
“How  to keep the body and mind healthy and under control through pranayama and yoga practice and how to care for the environment, as well as how to find a way of income through this, is what the yoga experts are teaching in the camp”said Soma Saha, a Yoga teacher in Balurghat.
“Every day when you open your eyes,you will see the incidents of violence, revenge, corruption,  and deprivation resulting in increasing number of diseases and physical problems. At the same time the lack of employment is increasing. In such a situation, the only way to control everything is regular pranayama and yoga”said Bikas Mahato, a Yoga instructor.
“It is also possible to discover positive thoughts even in the midst of daily increasing negative events through Yoga . Pranayama and yoga practice can also be chosen as a way to earn by becoming a good trainer with proper training”added Saha.
Anisha Das, a trainee said, “the positivity inside oneself can be explored by Yogic feats and Pranayama. People who practice this regularly must have positive impact on them. I am thankful to the organisers for arranging the camp”.
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